Joyner Lucas - I Love (Official Video)

Here is the newest release I from Project 2 and Joyner Lucas. I Love is perhaps Joyner’s first performance video without a super heavy concept. It was a blast having the freedom to work with the team coming up with ideas on the fly and making them real.

Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown - I Don't Die

Off to LA we went with Project 2 Studios for a week long shoot with Joyner and Breezy. What a time and what a team! We shot this over the course of 2 days in a couple of AMAZING soundstages in the city. My primary job on this video was production and set design. My favorite contribution was definitely the “last meal” scene. For this, I was initially planning on using fake food from a prop house but after finding out our entire budget would only be able to cover a fake baked chicken and a couple sides, we scrapped that and went with a bunch of discount food store tilapia, chicken and sushi instead. The food was gross but It looked great. I feel that seeing the reactions of disgust from the artists as they ate the discount food really added to the humor of the video.

Token - Little Boy

I got to do some set design/art direction/talent direction for this epic video I did with Token, Ben Proulx and the rest of my friends at Project 2 Studios.

Joyner Lucas - Frozen

This was a crazy video to be on. So heavy. Another Project 2 Studios joint. I got to work production and set design on this one. We had a tow truck guy with a 4 or 5 totaled cars at our disposal. We would tow and position the cars into place and then set the scenes with broken glass and debris as well as fake blood to make it look realistic.

Chief Keef "Rawlings / TV On (Big Boss)" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

I got to do set design and art direction for this gnarly Chief Keef visual shot by the great J.R Saint. For this video I brought in fellow artist and long time friend Danger Dan to create the mascot head of Sosa. In addition to that I built the “underground fightclub x basketball’ inspired set, I tracked down an aresenal of weapons and got to set a bunch of stuff on fire. All in all it was a hell of a shoot!

Chris Webby - Weirdo (feat. Justina Valentine) [Official Video]

”Weirdo” for Chris Webby was a blast doing production design and running art department for. Danger Dan and I had our work cut out for us in this silly adventure! From creating a giant Adderall costume to making a mashing a bunch of toys together to hand drawn animations, this one was a trip!!!

Token - One Like Equals (Official Music Video)

I got put on production design for this video for Massachusetts local TOKEN. Not only was I cast to act as the creepy photographer, I was responsible for all of the room transformations and overall set design. This was a super fun one aside fracturing my right foot on set and being in a boot for a month.

Joyner Lucas - Winter Blues (508)-507-2209

I got to help with art direction and get thrown to the ground by the man himself…. Directed by Ben Proulx of Project 2 Studios.

Joyner Lucas - Just Like You (508)-507-2209

Joyner Lucas "Just Like You"

Dana Tarr-Art Direction

Joyner Lucas - Forever (508)-507-2209

Another video I got to do art direction on with Project 2 Studios and Joyner Lucas. 

Chris Webby - Night Crawler (Official Video)
Chi'Codez - Watch Ya Mouf (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Art Direction by Dana Tarr

Directed by Ben Proulx of Project 2 Studios

EMELINE - Angel (Official Music Video)
Justin Clancy - The Bottom Line
Double Vision Ft. Rich DiMare - Last Call OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO (Radio Edit)
Disco Fries ft. Clinton Sparks - Killer (Official Video)